Valentines Day Origami

x x x Beautiful Gift Ideas For Your Valentine!! x x x

Make the perfect Valentines Day Origami for that special someone...

There is nothing sweeter than a gift made with your own hands! ...Something you have spent time making for a special person in your life. I have been given a piece of origami for Valentines Day in the past, and I can honestly say it was the best Valentines Day gift I have ever received!

All of these Valentines Day Origami ideas are very simple to make and many have instructional videos to help make it really easy! There are also downloadable & printable instructions you can have for free. There are also many helpful hints like which paper is best to use...

I promise your Valentine will be very impressed and touched when you give them a little symbol of your affection made by your own hands :)

So happy folding, your Valentine will love you for it!! xxx

GIFT IDEA #1: Origami Heart <3

Origami Heart Instructions

The perfect gift for your Valentine! This origami heart is relatively simple to make and just beautiful. Make it in any type of paper you like - it is a very adaptable model so many different types of paper will work... like traditional origami paper, foils, printer paper, wrapping paper or even magazine paper will work perfectly! 

GIFT IDEA #2: Origami Roses 

Above are 3 different gorgeous Roses for Valentines Day (and 1 stem!) 

The first rose is the Kawasaki Rose: a very well known design but can be a little challenging for beginners. There is a video to watch that will make it much easier though! If you like, you can make a flower stem to go with this design, so the rose will stand up on a table.

The Magic Cube Rose is a wonderful Valentines Day Origami idea - it is a modular design, which means you will need to make 6 modules and put them together. You will need 3 pieces of red or pink paper and 3 pieces of green paper. The above link will take you to a really easy video to watch.

Robyn's Rose is a simplified version of the Kawasaki Rose but has a flat base so is great for decorating boxes or cards :)

GIFT IDEA #3: Beautiful Origami Flowers

If you would like a simpler flower to make... or if your Valentine likes different flowers than roses, try one of these: the Lily, the Lotus or the Blossom.

The Lily is a very attractive flower which is simpler to make than a rose and looks wonderful! Have a look what one Origami-Fun visitor has made with lilies: Red Lily Vase

The Lotus is a really impressive but gentle and peaceful flower. A white lotus symbolises purity, a red lotus symbolises love and compassion, and a blue lotus symbolises wisdom. If one of these sounds like your Valentine, it is a perfect gift for them!

The origami Blossom is one of the simplest origami flowers to make, They look lovely if you make many of them together. They also look great as decoration for cards or gift boxes - if you make them reeeaaally tiny and stick them down together in a lovely arrangement.

GIFT IDEA #4: Gift Box, Bow & Envelope

Why not put your Valentines Day gift inside an origami box, decorated with a origami gift bow and use an origami envelope for a card! How very thoughtful!!!

Here's a tip: to make a lid for your origami box, all you do is make another box - just with a slightly larger piece of paper! Simple!

GIFT IDEA #5: Cranes & Lucky Stars

If you would like to give the gift of Luck with Valentines Day Origami...

a Crane or Lucky Star is perfect!

Origami Crane Instructions

Origami Lucky Star Instructions

GIFT IDEA #6: Origami Pet! 

Here's an idea... Does your Valentine have a pet or an animal that they just LOVE? If they have a great fondness for a particular animal, giving a gift of that animal shows how much you care for what they love! A very sweet gesture :) Click below to make your origami pet!

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I hope you and your Valentine have a wonderful day!

x x x x x