Origami Dragon Video
& Instructions

The origami dragon video below will show you how to make a great dragon from a single piece of paper. This wonderful piece of art is an original design by Robyn Hondow. It's cool, simple, and easier to fold compared to other popular models!

Dragons are mythical creatures of many cultures. They are a symbol of strength, power, wisdom, success, and fortune and have fascinated mankind for thousand of years. Even in this modern age, these magical beings still appear in magazines, books, movies and artworks.

The origami dragon is one of the most challenging yet rewarding designs to make on the Origami Fun website. Don’t worry if you don’t get it first time. I often fold the same model many times to get the best result!

Materials You Need

You only need one sheet of paper, about 30cm x 30cm in size. I'd recommend you use fairly thin paper. If you use thick paper or card, it will get difficult to fold the legs and head. Thinner paper works much better, but then you need to be more careful to avoid tearing the paper in some of the reverse folds.

Be creative by folding this in different colors to imitate the most common dragon colors. If you don’t have origami paper, use wrapping paper or gift wrap. It is thin, and you can get large sheets or rolls of it. 

Printable instructions can be found in the e-book "Awesome Origami". You can download it for free here:

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If you are new to origami and think this design might be a little hard, I suggest you start with a simple design like the Origami Dragon Head, which you can find here:

Origami Dragon Head Instructions

If you've been successful at making one of these dragons, congratulations! You can upload a photo and share your success - just scroll down to where it says, "Share Your Origami Dragon."

Now, let's get started! Check out the origami dragon video below and learn how to fold this design.

Printable Instructions For Origami Dragon Video

Mastering the art of origami requires patience and relentless practice. Once you have perfected the techniques, you can transform an ordinary plain paper into an authentic masterpiece.

Share your own dragon...

Some very clever people have shared their own dragons that they have made, check these out, made by Kiara from Olympia and Bri from California. Click the images below to read all about them:

Here's something really impressive! One of our visitors has actually modified the dragon model into a 2 - legged dragon: A Wyvern. It looks fantastic! Thank you Stacey for sharing this with us!

If you have made a dragon (or any other origami model that you are proud of), then you can upload a picture of it to share with the Origami-Fun community!

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