Origami Toys

Making Them Is Only Half The Fun!

This wonderful collection of origami toys will have the kids (and adults) entertained for hours! So what do you do when there's no toys around? Make them! All you need is a piece of paper!

Have a look at these fantastic origami toys...

origami fortune teller

Origami Fortune Teller.
Part of the fun of the easy to make Fortune Teller is making up the fortunes inside! You can make them as funny or playful as you like... and then get others around to have their fortunes told!

origami horse

Origami Jumping Horse.
The fantastic origami horse is not just a simple and lovely design... He has a great talent: he can do flips! Just tap on his tail and he will somersault through the air. Try to get him to do a double flip... Now that's a challenge!

origami monkey and the mountain

Origami Monkey and the Mountain.
This is a great one for younger kids: a really simple model to make... and then watch the monkey climb up the mountain, disappear, pop out the top and then fall off! Lots of fun to play with!

origami boat

Origami Boat.
This traditional origami boat is a little harder to make than most of the toys, but the instructions are step-by-step, so give it a try! The boat will float (until the paper gets too soggy!) but is best made with a waterproof paper if you're going to have it in water for a long time!

origami jumping frog

Origami Jumping Frog.
This one is an all time favourite! I don't know anyone who doesn't have fun with the jumping frog! A great game is Frog Racing, or Froggie Long Jump... Use your imagination! A paper that is a little thicker than usual will make the frog jump better: have fun jumping!

origami snapper

Origami Snapper.
The snapper is a lot of fun... but watch out: It bites! Get some cute stick-on eyes to make a funny looking snapper monster, and make them with different papers for a colourful snapper family! The snapper model is a very similar process to the origami boat, so you can have a "transformer"!!

origami hats

Origami Hats - 3 types to make.
You don't need a large dress-up collection to make great costumes! These 3 hats: the Crown, the Samurai Hat, and the Traditional Hat make any costume complete. You may need larger than usual paper - maybe try gift wrapping paper, or painted newspaper: another activity!

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