Three Different Origami Hats

Three traditional origami hats to make and wear!

Each hat is simple to make and a great addition to any costume: a fantastic activity for kids to create their own special hat or crown.

You will need quite large paper to make these hats: if you don’t have any coloured larger paper, you could always paint some newspaper and use that. Gift wrapping paper is also a good thing to try with these models.

Each link below will take you to the diagram for that hat, and there are printable instructions in PDF format on that page as well. 

Origami Hat

Simple Paper Hat

Origami Samurai Hat

Origami Samurai Hat

Origami Crown

Origami Crown

For all the great origami diagrams on this site, visit the main Origami Instructions Page. You can find printable instructions of every diagram on this site... So have fun! 

Origami Instructions Main Page

Browse all of the diagrams on this site - including origami hats.

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