Origami Stars

origami lucky star
origami modular star
origami 4star

Here we have three gorgeous origami stars! There's a really easy star, a simple star, and a star that is a little more challenging, but still a great one to try!

Have a go at all of them, they make the most gorgeous decorations :-)

origami lucky star

The easiest star: Lucky Star
Made with a strip of paper.

origami modular star

A Simple Star: Modular Star
Made with several squares of paper

origami 4star

A Medium-Level Star: 4-pointed star
Made with a single square of paper.

Each star has a printable pdf that you can print out and share!

These gorgeous stars can be used in many different ways... obviously they are a great holiday decoration: something the whole family can join in to make and display. They are also a lovely way to decorate gifts, cards, or any other craft items you can think of!

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