Origami Folding Tips

If you're a beginner, please read some of these origami folding tips: they will make origami easier!

1. Fold each crease very well. Every crease needs to be flattened quite well for a successful model (unless of course the instructions tell you not to crease it well!) You can reinforce a crease by running the side of your thumbnail along the fold, or even use some sort of tool. I sometimes use the end of a plastic ruler, that works well without damaging the paper.

2. Follow the instructions. Every part of the instructions is important, so read each description carefully, and look at each picture closely. If you miss a piece of information, it could make the model more difficult than it has to be!

3. Be patient. If you are just learning how to make origami, you have to realize that it is contemplative and relaxed activity, that is, you can't go rushing through the instructions as fast as you can! It won't take long for you to be very good at origami especially with the diagrams on this site, but when you are just starting give yourself a lot of time to work it out.

4. Have fun! 

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for origami beginners: It's all about simple origami and learning to have fun with it!

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Origami Instructions

On the Origami Instructions page, there is a rating system to let you know how hard a model is to make. When you are first starting, choose a model with a rating of one or two, then you can move up to harder models after completing these!

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