Learn To Make Some Beautiful
But Simple Origami...

Here I have included some links to some simple origami. If you are a beginner, this is the perfect place to start.

These aren't the only simple origami diagrams here on the site: there are nearly 50 complete diagrams that you can try on the main origami instructions page here:

When beginning at origami, sometimes it can be a little frustrating trying to figure out the instructions: origami diagrams take some getting used to, so don’t give up hope if they seem complicated at the beginning.

Here's a very useful tip: Origami is all about the calm meditation of paper folding; so with that perspective, take a calming breath and look over the diagram before starting.

When you start, examine each image carefully: don't skip over information - you may need it! Take it slowly and easily, and read every word of the explanation text. This should make it simpler for you, just focusing on these few things… but if you get into trouble, think about these tips:

Don't give up hope: origami is a skill, and like all other skills, it will become easier with practice. The mind needs time to be folded as though it were the paper. So give your mind the time, keep trying to fold the model you find challenging, and you will succeed. And remember, the only difference between a person who succeeds and a person who fails is that the person who succeeded did not give up after they failed!

Make sure you have plenty of time, and plenty of paper! You want to feel as though you can have as many tries as you need to get it right!

If you really don't think you can decipher the instructions, put it aside and come back to it later. Your unconscious mind will continue to work on it, so you will be closer to success when you return to it.

And you know, with all these things in mind, plenty of time and paper, I'm sure that you will find folding origami easier than you expected: so go ahead… you may surprise yourself!

Click here for more simple origami!