Origami Pelican Instructions

Origami Pelican Instructions

This beautiful origami pelican is simple and elegant, and it will stand up by itself. Use a small sheet of square paper to create this pretty design.

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You will need Adobe Reader in order to open the Pdf. You can get it here.

1. Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half, along the line shown, then open out again.

2. Fold the outside corners into the centre line, and crease well.

3. Fold the outside edges into the centre once again.

4. Turn model over and fold bottom point up to the top point. Crease very well.

5. Fold in half.

6. Rotate model so it is now lying down.

7. Raise the inside triangle upwards slowly, then flatten and crease well.

8. Inside Reverse Fold the head along the crease shown.

9. Fold each wing upward as shown, then fold it back again slightly. The pelican will now rest on its wings and sit up.

Finished Pelican!

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Origami Pelican