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Welcome to the first Origami-Fun videos page! This is just an introduction to origami, we have some lovely flowers and some traditional models. These models are a great place to start so have a go!

Also on Origami-Fun are some newer videos that I've added to another page. You can check them out on the Free Origami Directions page.

You may also want to have a peek at our Youtube channel!

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origami rose

Origami Rose. The beautiful Origami Rose is a real challenge to make: but hopefully this combination of video, diagram, and also printable instructions will make it a little easier! This model is such a great achievement once you've mastered it... so keep trying!

origami lotus

Origami Lotus. The Origami Lotus, or waterlily is a favourite of mine, not least because it is actually much simpler than it looks! Watch this short video to make folding it so much easier, and you can also print out the pdf instructions from this page.

origami blossom

Origami Blossom. The lovely Origami Blossom works best as a collection of many flowers displayed together, and can look lovely made with tiny two-tone paper, or tissue paper... just like real blossoms! Watch the video to learn this very memorable flower design.

origami crane

Origami Crane. The classic and popular origami crane is a piece of cake with these helpful video instructions! You can also print out the diagram, with a printable pdf.

Check out the new videos on the Free Origami Directions page here.

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Youtube Channel here.

origami box

Origami Box. The "Masu" Box is a very popular traditional origami box - and very easy to make once you know how! If you would like to make a lid, that's simple too: just make a box slightly larger!

origami dragon head

Dragon Head. This is such a cute origami design! You make a few quick folds, then pull on the outside to inflate the head... then you have a scary dragon looking at you! Draw on some eyes, or stick on some plastic ones for an extra special little dragon.

origami flapping bird

Flapping Bird. The flapping bird is similar in looks to the origami crane, with one big difference... it can flap its wings! All you need to do is pull on its tail - this video will show you how.

origami flower stem

Flower Stem. The flower stem, which can stand up by itself, is one of the most practical models you will find. Its so useful ... all of those flowers that you have made, dont they need a way of displaying them?! Well just a few quick folds and there you have it, the perfect origami display!

origami horse

Horse. This gorgeous little horse is a great toy, even if it didn't do flips! You wouldn't think that a model that was so easy to make could be such an acrobat... but tap on its tail and it will somersault forwards!

origami monkey and the mountain

Monkey and the Mountain. Now this one is supposed to be for kids, but I tell you what, I sure giggled when I made it for the first time! And so did my friends! This sweet little monkey, which is just a little pyramid, climbs the mountain, through the middle and pops out the top! Its just great.

origami tulip

Tulip. The lovely tulip is shown here with the flower stem, and in fact it is the best origami flower for the flower stem... and doesn't it look lovely! It is a very easy traditional origami model, that is a favourite for young and old!.

Finished watching these origami videos? View and print more origami instructions here.

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