Amazing Origami

This is the most amazing Origami I've found on the net, I think it is so incredible what some people can do... check these out:

...By the way, if you know of any other really great Origami that you think should be featured on this page, please let me know: just send me the link through my contact page. It would be greatly appreciated!

Brian Chan's Origami Page
The most incredible origami insects and figures you'll perhaps get to see on the web… an absolute must: what an Origami Master!

Beautiful Paper Art by Peter Callesen
Not actually origami, but if you love beautiful things made from paper, I think you should take a look! Exquisite paper sculpture & cut-outs 

British Origami Site: Their Online Gallery
The models that really stand out to me are the Tree by Vincent Floderer: how eerie! And also the Clear Unit by Denver Lawson, folded by Tung Ken Lam. This looks more like a glass sculpture than origami! Remarkable! 

Vietnam Origami Group
11 pages and 200 photos of Fantasy, dinosaurs and birds, with some absolutely exquisite delicate flowers and plants.

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