Halloween Origami Videos

Welcome to the Halloween Origami Page!

I've managed to find some great halloween origami videos from all around the world - people are getting into the celebrations by making some really great decorations! See below for an easy origami bat, a fun jack-o-lantern and a more challenging (but absolutely adorable) origami cat!

Here we go!

Origami Bat

This halloween bat is one of the easiest and best origami bats I've seen - many bats can be very over-complicated and confusing, but this one is simple and looks so great!

halloween bat

Origami Jack-O-Lantern

I love these videos! They are a really fun way of doing instructional videos - and this jack-o-lantern looks fantastic! The origami jack-o-lantern is basically a Waterbomb model, with a stem (and a scary face, of course!)

halloween pumpkin

Origami Cat

Here's my very own design of an Origami Cat! It's exclusive to Origami-Fun.com, so I hope you like it!

Click the link below to go to the Origami Cat page and watch the video instructions...

Origami Cat

Make This Origami Cat

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