Origami Paper Hat

Origami Hat

Easily make the classic origami paper hat! This is such a favourite with kids, and great fun to make. You can find the easy instructions here:

Origami Paper Hat Instructions

If you like the paper hat, you might like to give another of these two designs a try too - the Samurai Hat, and the Crown.

origami samurai hat

Samurai Hat

This one is a traditional origami design, and it looks so cute! Great for dress ups!

origami crown


Who doesnt want to be king or queen for the day?! This is a fantastic design to make for birthday parties... or any time, really!

There are dozens of other origami designs to make, too - some great for kids, others great for adults... but most are great for everybody! All of the designs have free printable pdfs that you can download, too. You can browse the full list here:

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