Origami Sailboat

2 types of origami boat to try!

Here we have 2 different boats, depending on what you had in mind! If you'd like to make a flat sailboat that is super easy and looks great, try Boat 1, and if you'd prefer to make a boat that actually floats on water, then give Boat #2 a go!

#1 - Easy Sailboats

origami sail boats

Click Here For Instructions To Make The Origami Sailboat

This easy origami sailboat is great for kids - and you can make two from the one square of paper. Use paper that is different colours on each side for a really nice effect.

#2 - Make A Boat That Floats

origami boat

Click Here For Instructions To Make A Boat That Floats

If you're looking for more of a challenge, try this origami boat - its a great traditional design that will actually float for you!

There are dozens and dozens of fantastic origami diagrams here on Origami-Fun. Click below to go to the main list of all diagrams... Some of the models have videos to help you too!

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