Origami Lotus Instructions

The Origami Lotus Instructions video will show you exactly how to make this beautiful creation in minutes. The lotus, also known as the waterlily, is a surprisingly simple design... but with one hard step at the end! This is the step that normally trips people up, because it is very difficult to put in a diagram... so I thought I'd make you a video!

In many cultures, a lotus flower represents beauty, elegance, purity, spiritual enlightenment and wisdom. Just like the rose, its meaning depends on its color. White is a symbol of purity; blue symbolizes knowledge and wisdom, and red is a symbol of love. The pink lotus is considered the supreme lotus as it is associated with holy deities.

This flower is one of the easiest designs to fold (as long as you have the right paper - see below) so this is an ideal project for beginners, children or anyone looking for a satisfying hobby!

If you are having trouble with the final step, just watch the origami lotus instructions again, I'm sure you will get it!

Which Paper Should I Use?

You only need one square sheet of paper to make an origami lotus flower, and you might need to make it quite large. The smaller and thinner the paper you use, the more difficult it is to "turn out" the petals at the end. One thing that works very well is using this design for napkins or paper serviettes.

If you go into a specialist paper store or an origami store, you should be able to find a perfect paper for this model. Try handmade "unryushi" if you can find it, it is a beautiful type of Japanese paper, which is textural and flexible.

This will look lovely in a table setting! Use this to dress up your dining table and impress your guests with your creativity. I've also seen people use this design as a bread-bowl in a restaurant! It looked fantastic, such a nice novelty, but you would need an enormous piece of paper for that one! If you're going to try that, I would suggest a one metre by one metre piece of paper!

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Have You Made An Origami Lotus?

I'd love to hear from you if you've made an origami lotus! Click the link below to share a photo of your creation, and to see what other origami designs people have made:

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