Origami Heart Instructions

Origami Heart Instructions

The origami heart is such a thoughtful gift for a loved one... Made with special paper and with you own hands, what could be sweeter?

For a printable .pdf version of the heart instructions, click here. You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer in order to open the .pdf file. You can get Adobe Reader here.

1. Start with your paper white side up.

Fold in half and unfold. Then fold in half the opposite way and unfold.

2. Fold the top and the bottom edges into the centre line

3. Fold the two bottom corners up to the top centre point and unfold

4. Now fold the 2 top corners down to the bottom centre point
and unfold.

5. Fold the outside edges in to the points shown and unfold.

6. Fold all four corners in to the creases just made.

7. Now we are going to form the heart.

Hold the model by the corners, as shown, and bring these corners together.

8. Still holding the model together, bring the outside edges toward each other.

9. The model should now look something like this. Push the two triangles together underneath the model.

10. Lay flat on the table. Fold the two top corners down to the crease shown and unfold.

11. Use these creases to inside reverse fold these corners, so the model now looks like this.

12. Fold the uppermost flaps down. Then fold the tips inward

13. Fold the triangles back up.

Finished Heart!

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Origami Heart