Origami Lily Video

The origami lily video below will teach you how to easily make this beautiful origami flower in no time! This flower in particular is an easy design to remember - you just need to make it a few times and you'll never forget how! It's really quite an impressive design!

This origami flower works with the origami leaf, though it's base point can be a little wide to fit comfortably. If you would like to put the lily on a stem, it may work well to use wire.. though please try the origami leaf first! Just make the origami leaf quite big, to fit the lily's point in the pocket.

Origami Leaf Video Instructions

Scroll down past the origami lily video for some tips on rounding out the petals so they gently curve as in the picture.

Diagram Instructions

If you would like to see the diagram for this design, click the link below. There is also a printable pdf of the diagram that you can download!

Origami Lily Diagram Instructions

Origami Lily Video Tips: Rounding The Petals

Some people make the lily so the petals just stay straight, or the sharply fold the petals down from their base (which you can see in the video at the end). These are both fine! My favourite thing to do though is to curve the petals so they look a little more realistic - I think that gives the flower a lovely effect.

There are 2 ways you can curve the petals. One way is to use a pencil and roll the petal up on the barrel shape of the pencil (or pen or marker, or anything round), pressing gently as you go so not as to put creases in the petals.

The other way is shown on the video - just working the petals gently with your fingers. This may take a bit of practice to do quickly, but if you haven’t done it before just do it slowly and carefully and it will work great :)

Try Other Flowers - The Lotus Or The Blossom

The Lotus

If you were after the waterlily rather than the regular lily, have a look at the origami lotus, which is also known as a waterlily. It is a beautiful design As well!

Click Here For Origami Lotus Instructions

The Blossom

The origami blossom is the simplest of the flowers, but that’s one of the reasons I love it so much. If you are just starting out at origami, if you find the lily takes a bit long to make, or if you just want to see how to make a beautiful simple design, check out the origami blossom below:

Click Here To Make The Origami Blossom 

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Share Your Origami Creations

If you have made an origami lily, or any other origami creation, we would love to see it! You can upload a photo to share with the Origami Fun community, and see what other people have shared here:

Share Your Origami Creations!

Have a look at these beautiful lilies that Origami-Fun visitors have made:

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And here is a lovely story about how a little bit of origami helped out in a stressful time. Thankyou so much Briana for sharing this lovely piece.