How to Fold Origami

Welcome to Origami-Fun! Here you'll learn how to fold origami with easy-to-understand diagrams of beautiful designs... all free!

The diagrams on this site are some of the most straight-forward you will find, as they were all designed especially for Origami-Fun... and on each instructions page you'll find a printable pdf of that diagram, so you can keep it for later!

Click below for the full list of origami diagrams on this site:

Learn How To Fold Origami Here.

Some other things that you might find useful:

Origami Videos: If you're getting stuck, or you just don't like diagrams, learn how to make some great origami with these videos.

Free Origami Paper: You don't need to buy special origami paper to be able to create beautiful things with origami! This page gives you links to freebies, and some great ideas.

Origami Tips and Hints: If you're new to origami, and you're finding it a bit tricky, you might like to read this short article.

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So have a browse around the site, as there is much, much more! And have fun folding!