Great Ideas For Free Origami Paper

And Print-Your-Own Free Origami Paper

I'm offering everyone who visits my site their very own origami e-book for free... which comes with 10 beautiful paper designs that you can print on your home printer. You can get these great gifts right here.

But I can also give you some great ideas for paper that you can use for beautiful origami models...

It's not the end of the world if you can't get hold of proper origami paper: far from it! There are many other types of paper that will allow you to create the most beautiful origami designs.

4 pointed star

Consider, for example, gift wrapping paper: it's relatively cheap, lightweight - so it holds the creases well, and it comes in a gorgeous array of patterns and colours. Best of all, it's so easy to find: in newsagents, supermarkets and gift stores. So next time you're out shopping, look around: a beautiful packet of origami paper could be nearby!

For an earthy and natural feel, why not try brown paper. It's even cheaper than gift wrap, comes in rolls (so you’ll never run out) and is much more versatile than you may think… You can decorate it too. I actually used it for wrapping Christmas presents one year, decorated by star potato-stamping! It sounds funny, but it looked fantastic. Haven’t ever made a potato stamp? Here’s a link:

Don't want to leave the house? You may already have everything you need for some beautiful origami models. Firstly, if you have a printer, and some ordinary office paper, then you are very lucky! Because you can print free origami paper! You just need the designs. I’m giving away some lovely designs that you can print yourself, with the free origami E-book that I mentioned above. You can get it here

There are also some websites that offer patterns & designs you can print. Check these out:

Now don't forget magazines! You may be thinking "but that won't look very good…" well, you would be surprised! All you need is to find the right image. Have look at some of these models that I have folded from magazine pages:

magazine crane
magazine horse
magazine iris

If you would like to know the best places on the net to buy origami paper, you're in luck, because I've spent a lot of time researching as many online origami paper stores as i can find. I have listed and reviewed the best online stores on this page:

Origami Paper Stores

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