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Origami Fun is a complete resource for origami online. The diagrams that I have created are the most complete, detailed and easy-to-use instructions you can find: I know this because I have tried so many! Most origami diagrams skip over many important steps and may not be suitable for beginners, but all the diagrams on this site have been specially designed to be easy to follow.

Also, on each page of instructions, there is a link to a printable PDF of the diagram, so you can print the diagram and make the model whenever you like. To view PDF files, you will need adobe reader, but you can download it for free here.

Now, if you are a beginner, the best thing to do is to start with the models that are indicated to be the easiest: they are the models with a rating of one pelican ( see Origami Instructions page ). These will be the best to teach you the basics of origami.

The great thing about origami, though, is that it is quite quick to learn: just try a few models, and you will be well on your way to becoming an origami expert. So start with the diagrams that are a rating of one or two, then when you have done a few of these, move up to rating 3 diagrams.

Here, on Origami Fun, we will be introducing videos of origami online, so you can watch all of the folds take place. That means you don’t have to worry if you cant figure out the harder diagrams, because the videos will clear up any confusion! So make sure you bookmark this website - and you’ll be able to find all the models you can make, on video, very soon.

Everything is free!

All of the online origami on this site is completely free: you can print and share these diagrams as much as you like… so make sure you have fun with the origami ideas here! Make sure that if you cant find something on the site that you let me know, I want to make sure that the best and most popular diagrams are right here, on Origami Fun.

Some of the most popular models are listed below, but for the complete list of diagrams, click here.

Most Popular Origami Models

For other origami online, click here.