Make An Origami Dragon!

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Check out this fantastic origami dragon! You can learn to make this design with my free eBook, Awesome Origami... a collection of 10 great origami designs, including this beautiful dragon. 

You can download Awesome Origami when you sign up for the Origami-Fun Newsletter (also free), so you're not only keeping up to date with all of the latest origami news and additions to this site, but you get this great eBook, AND a set of printable origami paper too. Click below to download:

Make the Origami Dragon With Awesome Origami 

Watch The Video!

Now remember, the dragon is an intermediate to hard origami model, so if you're having trouble making it, don't get discouraged! All you need is a bit more practice with some easier origami, and you'll get there soon enough! Click below for the full list of origami instructions on Origami-Fun:

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