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Welcome to Origami-Fun! There are dozens of really fantastic origami designs on the site, all with free printable pdfs that you can download and enjoy! You're sure to find exactly what you want right here:

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If you prefer to watch videos to learn origami, there are a whole heap of designs that I have made into videos - you can look at the list of videos here:

Origami Videos

Also, if you like freebies, you're gonna love this! When you subscribe to the Origami-Fun free e-newsletter, you get not only a free eBook that contains 10 Awesome Origami models, but you get a collection of printable paper designs, so you can print your own origami paper right at home! Also, one of the models in the free eBook is an exclusive design: the dragon! You won't find that one anywhere else but in this eBook. You can learn more here:

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I hope you enjoy the site - use the nav bar to have a browse around, and have fun!