Origami Bird Video

Watch the Origami Bird Video below to make this gorgeous little sitting bird! It is a short-beaked bird: if you know your birds, it's kinda like a finch…

I like this one because many of the other simple origami birds - like cranes, flapping birds and swans - well, most people know about those! But this one is a little different, and so super cute! Imagine making a whole flock of them to perch on a branch! Its just gorgeous.

I like to make this design really small; it looks ultra cute!!

Video Instructions

To have a look at the diagram instructions for this Origami Bird Video, click here.

Best Paper To Use For This Model

This origami bird uses the white/plain side of the paper, so you can use 2-tone paper for a nice effect (as in the video) or make the body of the bird white and then it will have a patterned or coloured head.

Another creative idea is to use paper that has 2 different patterns on it, contrasting or complementary patterns can look very sweet with this little bird!

Other Birds

As I mentioned above, there are LOTS of other origami birds that you can make. For example, the twirling bird is a bit like a simplified plane that tumbles when you throw it, you can have a look at this design below...

Now, if you havent made a crane before.. you should give it a try! There are actually 2 different types, one is the true crane, and the other is slightly simpler which allows its wings to flap when you pull its tail:

Have You made Any Origami Birds?

If you've made any origami birds of any kind, please share them with the Origami Fun Community! We would love to see them! You can upload a photo and description here:

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Check Out This Amazing Origami Modular Bird!

I would recommend having a look at this amazing modular origami bird that Joyce from Seminole has made - it is just beautiful!