Origami Twirling Bird Instructions

Origami Twirling Bird

The origami twirling bird is one of the easiest models to make, but its also so much fun! Try using different types of paper to see which one will twirl the best.

For a printable Pdf of the twirling bird instructions, click here.
You will need Adobe Reader installed in order to open the Pdf. You can get it here.

1. Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half, as shown.

2. Fold in half again, crease and open.

3. Now fold top of model down past the baseline of the model.

4. Fold whole model in half

5. Rotate model so it is now standing up.

6. Fold down the top flap along the line shown. Then repeat the same thing on the flap behind.

7. Now fold the wings back upwards so they sit horizontally, as shown

8. Twirling bird is complete!

To make the Twirling Bird fly, throw it like a paper plane. It will tumble in circles!

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