Learn Origami!

Everything You'll Need to Know

Ok, so you want to learn origami? You've come to the right place! The diagrams that I have on this website are all labelled with a difficulty rating: so the first thing to do is choose one of the easiest designs to make, one that you would really like to make.

So the most important page for you on the origami-fun website is this one: Origami Instructions:

First step: Go to the origami instructions page above and choose an (EASY) origami model to make from here. The easy models are the ones with a rating of one or two pelicans...

Done? Good. Now every diagram can be printed out, so if you have a printer, and you would like to print one, then go to the page of your choice, and find the printable pdf link: and print!

So now you have chosen your design, and have your instructions handy: all you need now is the paper!!

Have paper? Read On... If you dont have paper:

Click Here For Paper Ideas

So, if you've got your paper, then it's all very easy, go ahead and fold your origami model, following the instructions.

To learn origami the most effectively, you need to start with the easy designs, but then move up to the harder ones: Once you have finished a few easy ones, you will be much better at reading the instructions, so it will be easier to do some of the harder ones.

Another thing you may want to read: these handy origami folding tips: some good advice from the experts on how to make the neatest and best origami models. This will get your origami models looking gorgeous with just a few easy tips.

Origami Folding Tips

I hope that's given you a few ideas and some inspiration about learning origami - just keep trying harder and harder models, and soon you'll be an expert!

Learn Origami By Printing These Diagrams