How To Make Origami

If you are a beginner at paper folding and would like to learn how to make origami, then this site is for you! There are some great simple models for you to try, and some harder ones for when you get more confident, as well as all of the favourites: the Crane, Pelican, Lily, Butterfly…

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But let's not get ahead of ourselves!

If you're looking for a place to start, then start here: Find some paper! Very simple!

Any paper will do, you can use special origami paper if you like, or ordinary printer paper. Some models work better with origami paper, but most will look just as good with plain paper. And here's a tip: If you have some, use gift wrapping paper.

Gift wrap comes in many thicknesses; so some might not be practical, but if you have some spare gift wrap, give it a try: you can get some beautiful effects from patterned paper, and most types are a little thinner than printer paper, which is a plus when you are learning how to make origami. It makes the folds easier, and the model stays intact better.

So let's get started! First choose a model that you think you would like to make. Below are my recommendations for a starting model…

But before you go anywhere, please read some of these tips for better folding: they will make the folding easier, if you know these few things:

Origami Folding Tips

1. Fold each crease very well. Every crease needs to be flattened quite well for a successful model (unless of course the instructions tell you not to crease it well!) You can reinforce a crease by running the side of your thumbnail along the fold, or even use some sort of tool. I sometimes use the end of a plastic ruler, that works well without damaging the paper.

2. Follow the instructions. Every part of the instructions is important, so read each description carefully, and look at each picture closely. If you miss a piece of information, it could make the model more difficlt than it has to be!

3. Be patient. If you are just learning how to make origami, you have to realize that it is contemplative and relaxed activity, that is, you can't go rushing through the instructions as fast as you can! It won't take long for you to be very good at origami especially with the diagrams on this site, but when you are just starting give yourself a lot of time to work it out.

4. Have fun!

Okay, I'd like you to try one of these models first, and if you find them too easy, well, simply go on to a harder one! On the Origami Instructions page, there is a rating system so you can choose a more difficult model if you need to.

origami twirling bird

Origami Twirling Bird

origami triangle box

Origami Triangle Box

origami hat

Origami Hat

How to make origami: try folding some other models