Origami Flower Stem Video

The origami flower stem video below will show you how to make a standing stem, which looks extra wonderful with the tulip but works with any flower with a hole in the base.

If you need a stem for a flower that doesnt have a hole in the base... well you have 2 options: You can make a different stem (such as the pocket leaf)... or you could poke a hole in the bottom of your flower!!

One flower that has a hole in the base is the tulip, and this works beautifully with this stem, I really love the combination. In fact, I have one sitting next to me right now!

Watch The Flower Stem Video:

Click Here for Diagram Instructions for Origami Flower Stem

Click Here For Origami Tulip Instructions

Because this stem is such a simple design, it doesn’t take many folds - that means that it wont turn out too small when you use standard 15x15cm origami paper. And you can use one-sided paper if you like, as the white side is hidden.

Also, it turns out to be quite sturdy so you can use thin paper, as long as your flower is not too heavy as otherwise it may fall over! But if you make, for example, a tulip out of standard origami paper, and this pictured stem , it should work fine, although the flower does turn out quite big in relation to the stem. It depends what you are wanting. Both the tulip and the stem in the photo were made with standard size paper… I think it looks perfect!

Other flowers that work well with this design include the rose, but you can always poke a pinhole through a lily or blossom too and that looks pretty good! ;-)