Easy Origami Diagrams

Origami Fun is a collection of traditional origami models and contains many easy origami diagrams for you to try. You don't have to know anything about origami to make beautiful creations… all you need is a piece of paper.

That's the beauty of origami, it seems so creative and mysterious, but in fact it is incredibly simple... Especially if you keep at it! The diagrams on this site aim to make origami folding easier, so you can focus on the end result: a beautiful paper sculpture.

So if you're starting out, try these few: they are traditional models that have been carefully diagrammed to make it easy to follow:

Origami is a great activity for everyone, but make sure you start simple: origami is far too fantastic to get overwhelmed by choosing a first model that is too hard!

If you're just getting started at origami and you feel as though it may be too hard, don’t worry! Sometimes paper folding can look harder than it is, and some steps in the diagrams look difficult at first, but keep looking, and trust that mind of yours… you will get it! And remember: start with some easy models, and move on to the more difficult ones later.

For easy origami diagrams, and harder ones too, click here.