Wow that was nice!!!

by Cherina Yee Wang Sui
(Singapore )

How origami started for me... I was really bored! I took some paper and folded them into all sorts of funny shapes. I folded and folded...

After a while, I saw the body of a horse in my paper. I was surprised as I did not know what origami was back then. I decided to leave it as it is. I took another piece of paper and started folding. I wanted to make a unicorn. Well, that is if I could. An idea began forming up.

I folded the paper to look like Snoopy potato chips. I used glue to stick the horse and wing together. But it still did not look like a unicorn. I took out another small piece of paper. I rolled it and stuck it on. Now I said:"wow!! That was nice!!" That was how my interest in paper-folding started.

I searched the Internet hoping to find a good website to learn properly. This was how I became interested in paper-folding, origami. I am very grateful that I found out about


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