WOW, How did you do that?

by Liz Yanni
(Imperial CA)

This is one of the types of origami hearts you can make

This is one of the types of origami hearts you can make

Let's make some origami fun...

Kids love to see paper come to life. They say: "WOW! How did you do that"? And, "can you do that again?"! Origami is a great way to entertain kids. (Better than balloon art).

Here is a game that uses origami frogs and box:

Let's play leap frog:

1)Make 4 mini frogs in different colors.

2)Make box for the frogs to leap into.

3)1st one to get all the frogs into the box wins.

This is also fun because the kids can draw faces onto their own frogs.

Make conversation "stars"

Put words and punctuation marks onto the origami stars. Words should match the fun, baby or wedding showers. Adult fun. Grammar education. multi colors add to the fun!

Make groups of origami models

Make a barn yard, zoo, ocean, home etc. Buildings, animals, birds, trees, flowers etc. all kinds of creations grouped together. After making these origami items kids can play like kids do with them.

I also love the flipping horse it just fun to see it flip!

Make hearts.

There are so many different kinds of hearts, easy to more difficult ones. The money heart is fun, use them for gifts, and tips for services. Hearts just make people smile.

Origami is great for the eyes and hands. And helps to keep your head thinking. Origami is just the "WOW" factor.

How did you do that?

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Aug 11, 2015
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origami NEW
by: Lamont

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Dec 22, 2011
by: Nika alinaby

i would love to do that to my kids!

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