"50 Incredibly Easy-To-Follow Diagrams For The Most Beautiful... Most Impressive...And Most Popular Origami Models In The World"

Dear Friend,

I'd like to tell you how you can download my eBook of 50 beautiful Origami designs to your own computer.

These diagrams are incredibly easy to follow. In fact, they're the easiest you'll find anywhere. And the Origami you will create with them will be absolutely gorgeous!

Each one of these detailed diagrams is set out in an easy to understand step-by-step format and is of the highest quality.

You'll Be So Proud Of The Beautiful
Origami Models You'll Make!

Inside this eBook...

  • 50 of the most beautiful origami designs, all in an easy to understand step-by-step format. You'll never feel confused or frustrated while making Origami again!
  • After surveying over 300 Origami lovers I discovered the exact diagrams people wanted. For this reason, the eBook contains many different animals, beautiful flowers including an easy rose, and a very impressive winged dragon.
  • A wide range of both easy and more challenging origami designs, in order of difficulty. Choose whether to start with the basics, or jump right in to the complex! Even the more complicated designs are easy to make with these detailed diagrams.
  • Each diagram can be enjoyed by children, teenagers, and of course adult Origami lovers! It is truly a collection for everyone.
  • Every step of every model has been carefully designed to be very easy to understand, so you never get stuck or be forced to give up in the middle of a diagram.
  • It contains both the most popular traditional models, as well as some "exclusive" ones you wont find anywhere else in the world!
  • One of the "featured diagrams" that you wont find anywhere else, is the Cat! This is a great piece of work. While the finished design looks impressive, you'll be "taken by the hand" in small easy steps… And in less than 5 minutes you‘ll have your very own Origami Cat to be proud of!
  • Another featured model is the beautiful Origami Rose - I love this one!. There are many different forms of the rose in the origami world - I've made most of them! - but I found that they were either very difficult, or not very pretty! So I created one that was easier than any other rose I have made, and it looks better too!

All of this (plus much more) is available to you in the form of an instant download. At this point you may be thinking…

What Makes This Different From Other Origami Books?

There are two main features of this collection that make it different from all other Origami books.

Firstly, it's in the form of an eBook. This means you don't need to wait for it to be shipped out to you. Instead you can download it to your computer, and begin having fun making the models in the next few minutes!

The second reason is much more important though.

For 6 months I surveyed over 300 Origami lovers from all around the world- to find out exactly what the "ultimate" Origami book should contain.

From this extensive surveying plus my own personal research, I managed to nail down the exact diagrams people were after… as well as the biggest difficulties people were running into while doing Origami.

I wasn't surprised when many people reported that most of the diagrams they found on the Internet and in Origami Books contained many difficult folds that were hard to interpret. And for this reason they're usually forced to give up before finishing their model.

I've used the information from this research to do two things:

  1. To carefully select Origami Models that people want to make! Nothing is left out. You’ll find all of the most popular models in here, as well as some exciting ones you’ve never seen before - but you'll love.
  2. To carefully construct Origami Instructions that never leave you in doubt. I've gone to painstaking lengths to ensure every diagram is as easy as possible to follow. As well as this, I've had every diagram tested by people of all ages to make sure there are no confusing steps… so you never have to go through the "I give up!" scenario.

In short, you'll be able to easily construct each of the 50 Models… and you'll feel proud as punch at how amazing they look!

At this point, it probably won't surprise you that I've named the eBook: Ultimate Origami - 50 Incredibly Easy To Follow Diagrams For The Most Beautiful, Popular And Impressive Origami In The World.

And for a very limited time...

You'll Also Receive Three Valuable Bonuses

As a way of celebrating the release of Ultimate Origami, I’ve decided to include two bonuses you’ll enjoy immensely.

Bonus #1: Printable Origami Paper

This PDF file contains 20 beautiful paper designs you can print out and use to create origami with.

Think you need to buy expensive paper to create amazing looking origami?

Think again!

This valuable bonus will have you creating the most beautiful looking origami in seconds!

Valued at $15

Bonus #2: Scrapbooking Tips and Techniques

Just like Origami, Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby. It's a lot of fun and you can create something you're really proud of.

This short eBook covers exactly how to get started Scrapbooking, and shares some secrets about the Scrapbooking materials that will help you get amazing results!

This bonus is currently being sold through another website for $19. It's yours FREE though when you get your copy of Ultimate Origami today.

Download The eBook and Bonuses Right Now

You may be wondering how much an eBook such as Ultimate Origami costs?

Well, you'd be surprised to know while this is the best book of it's kind, it's not going to drain your savings.

Here's How It Works

I really believe Ultimate Origami will be the last Origami book you’ll ever need.

It contains that many great diagrams, all in a step-by-step format that makes them incredibly easy to follow.

I’ve considered charging $50 for this eBook because that’s the cost of the better Origami books in the local book stores. And as you’ll find out for yourself, Ultimate Origami eclipses all of these books in terms of both the quality of diagrams and the ease of making them.

But… I want to make it easily affordable for you because:

  1. The book is a digital download so I have no printing costs
  2. I want it to be easy and affordable for you to get this book so you can have hours of fun making some awesome origami!

For this reason I've decided to charge just $27 for Ultimate Origami.

I can tell you… I wish I was able to get hold of such a complete and easy to follow Origami guide years ago for $27 when I first started!

As well, there's absolutely no risk in trying out Ultimate Origami because...

My "No Risk To You" Guarantee 

Download and test Ultimate Origami for a full 365 days. Make some of the diagrams. Flick through the eBook and examine all the Origami models in it.

Enjoy making some exciting Origami models!

If at any point you feel it isn’t the impressive, easy-to-follow set of Origami diagrams I’ve described on this page, send me an email at Robyn@Origami-Fun.com and I’ll immediately refund your order. Plus I'll insist you keep the bonuses as a gift for giving the eBook a try.

Either you’re ecstatic with it, have hours of fun, and enjoy making many Origami models with your family and friends… Or you don't pay!

I have no problem offering you this strong guarantee because I’m that confident you are going to love Ultimate Origami!


To get hold of your copy of Ultimate Origami, plus the three valuable bonuses, here’s what you need to do...

Click the PayPal button below and you'll be taken to PayPal to enter your information. You can either log into your PayPal account if you have one, or if you don't have a PayPal account, click the "Don't have a paypal account?" link and enter your details.

Once you've completed this you'll immediately be taken to a "secret webpage" where you can download the eBook and bonuses.

You'll also receive a receipt via email plus download instructions (This means if you don’t have time to download everything now, you can do it later in your own time)


Yes, - I Can't Wait To Get Ultimate Origami!

Yours For Only $14

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If you have any questions about this eBook or website, just email me at Robyn@Origami-Fun.com.

Wishing you a wonderful time crafting Origami!

Robyn Hondow

PS: This really is the most comprehensive set of beautiful and easy-to-follow Origami diagrams available anywhere (Believe me, I’ve tried to find a better one!). Remember, you have a 100% satisfaction guarantee - if you're not happy, you don‘t pay. This is truly a 100% risk- free offer.

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