Three designs at once!

by Marian Blair
(Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada)



A couple of summers ago at a family camp, we organized an afternoon origami session to teach others how to make some simple designs, mostly children who came with their parents. My friend was teaching one child to make a Japanese peace crane while folding something himself.

I didn't know at the time how complicated his was. He had just finished making a flower which I hadn't seen before. This was before I had really started to find Origami designs online; I had a book as a child, which I mistakenly lent to a friend, who moved and lost it! Best book I have ever seen!

Back to my story.... So, I asked him to teach me how to make the flower and told him I was willing to wait while he finished instructing the child. “No, it’s okay” he said casually, and started to explain. Here he was, giving directions and assisting the child to make the crane, giving me the directions for the 8-petaled flower, and making his Pegasus! Patience supreme!

We all accomplished our tasks with joy, no frustration as one waited while he helped another.

The Pegasus, well, I haven’t found a photo online and he is off on a Canadian navy ship as an electrician engineer, so I rarely see him now. But that sunny summer afternoon folding with friends was a lovely memorable experience!!

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