This Way Up Star Box!

by Melissa Kate
(Australia, Queensland)

So I'm 16 years old and I really love origami - I have since year 8. So when I found this website I decided to make all the origami I could find. From this website I found out to make a star box!

I began to start folding and folding and folding when I finally reached step 9 (fold out and flatten) it wouldn't fold and I couldn't figure out why!

So I scrunched up and folded again and again and again. I couldn't understand why. By this time I was getting frustrated because I couldn't do it!

I decided to do it one more and it still didn't fold out so I unfolded and redid it and that's when it finally came to me.....I was folding the paper upside down! You see because the open end was supposed to be facing up but I had the opening end towards me lol.

After that i found it really easy to fold hhehehehehe so always keep the open end up when making a star box :)

Melissa :)

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