The Legendary Origami: A little story!

by Daniel Hunter
(Glen Eden, Auckland , New Zealand)

One day a flappy thing came along and sat on a piece of paper and said "i need to make something but i do not know what"...

So what he did was make a friend flappy bird number 2 so they played with the paper making lots of friends till the evil giant hand came and squishied flappy bird 2 and all everyone except flappy bird number 1.

Now flappy bird number 1 was very sad because the giant hand had killed all his friends so he decided to make his own squishe to get his revenge. He made a GIGANTIC squishe and squished the other squishe till it was part of the ground. flappy bird had VICTORY and made all his friends again (till the next squishe came along).

(this actually happened my sister squished all my origami haha)

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