The Flying Monkey Mountain

by Jenna
(Marshall, N.C., USA)

This is what a monkey mountain looks like!

This is what a monkey mountain looks like!

I was making a 'monkey mountain' for my little sister's birthday. I made it out of a really pretty piece of wrapping paper. When I gave it to my sister, she asked me what it was and I told her.

She immediately started to play with it. She was making the monkey go up and she jerked it hard the last time. The monkey flew out and landed in my aunt's Coke! My aunt was turned around, so she didn't see what happened. I giggled and tried to snag my aunt's glass when she wasn't looking, but she saw me and grabbed her cup. She glared at me and took a long drink. Then, instead of putting it down, she held it! I had no idea how I was going to get the monkey out. So I grabbed my sister and hid in my room. A few minutes later, we heard someone shout and we knew she had found it. We were grounded for a week!!

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