Origami Traditional Box Instructions

Origami Traditional Box

The lovely origami traditional box is a great box to start with for the origami beginner, as it is a nice simple design and looks lovely as well.

For a printable Pdf of the traditional box instructions, click here.
You will need Adobe Reader installed in order to open the Pdf. You can get it here.

1. Start with a rectangular piece of paper, white side up. Fold in half, crease and open.

2. Fold top and bottom in to the centre crease.

3. Fold in half, crease and open.

4. Fold outside edges in to the centre line and open.

5. Fold each corner in to the creases made in the previous step.

6. Take the inside edges and fold them outwards over the corner triangles. Crease well.

7. Grip the model at points shown and open outwards. The box will form itself. You can pinch the corners to make it more rectangular.

Finished Traditional Box.

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Origami Traditional Box