Origami Star Video

Watch this great Origami Star Video below and make your own in a couple of minutes...

There are many different types of origami stars that you can choose to make... But one of my favourites is the 4-pointed star. There are quite a few reasons for this - is it is a simple design to make and yet looks so lovely when it is finished!

Also, it lays flat - so using it for decorating scrapbooks, envelopes and other crafty things, it is very useful and very very pretty!

For diagram instructions for the 4-pointed star, scroll down below the video.

Video Instructions

For the diagram instructions and free pdf to download, go here:

Diagram Instructions For the Origami Star Video

Christmas Decorations

Of course this is a great design for Christmas time - you can use the star to decorate cards and envelopes, table settings and napkins! You can also add hooks to the origami stars and put them on the Christmas tree itself!

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Paper To Use For This Star

It looks wonderful made with silver metallic paper, either patterned or plain. Try complementary patterned paper of different types and make dozens!

Made with one-side paper (ie with white on the back), it will show a little of the white on the back - I cant figure out which side is nicer:

One side shows the white/plain side of the paper, sectioned into 4, and the other side shows all one colour and the centre is a square… it's up to you how you display it!

Other Origami Stars

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