Origami Lily

by Brentyn Christopher Hanna
(Lake Havasu City, Arizona. USA)

The one origami design that changed my view towards origami was the lily. It took me about five months to make, and, at the time, it was the hardest design ever! I went through at least one-hundred pieces of paper, and every time getting stuck.

So I did something that I learned from my great grampa. If you can't to do something, walk away from it. So I did for two months, then I sat down and did it. It was the most amazing thing I ever saw. After that, all other designs just clicked into place!

It was the one design that threw me forward the most. I couldn't do the bird folds, which stopped me doing a lot of other designs. but that fold for some reason taught me how to do folds that didn't even resemble it! The actual lily, I gave as a present, so I don't have a picture sadly. But it was on simple lined paper, and was perfect! I learned from origami-fun.com, and ever since, I have come here for my designs!

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