Origami in the classroom

by Carla Gray
(Flower Mound, Texas, USA)

You will not see straight creases, fine points or even recognizable creatures but in my classroom.

But you will see children enjoying the idea of creating something from paper that is beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

I begin my third graders off with origami, early in the year. It helps with fine motor skills, directions and eye hand coordination - among many other skills. For students that have behavioral issues, I am always amazed at how calming it is for them to create something from a simple piece of paper.

Sometimes my third graders will select origami as a reward. They are so fascinated with folding, turning and flipping paper - which I might add is a math lesson in our curriculum, so I have included origami as an extension.

It is such an all-rounded activity with so many benefits.

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