Origami For Kids To Make

For a great selection of origami for kids to make, just click on the link further down the page... But first, I wanted to give you a quick intro to origami for youngsters. It's such a fantastic craft activity for young ones - of all ages - as it's challenging, but so fun!

So how do you know which origami designs to teach to kids of a certain age? Well it certainly is difficult! Different kids will be able to handle different levels; so if one 8 year old child can make, say, a lily with no problems, that doesn't mean that another 12 year old will be able to! So lets not get held up on trying to figure out what kids should be able to do... just let them have fun! They'll learn something whether they like it or not!

The best way is to start with something simple to get their confidence up. That's much better than giving them something too hard resulting in them losing interest or giving up. The diagrams on the next page are some of the simplest origami on this site. There is a printable pdf for each one, and some have video instructions too:

Click Here For Origami For Kids To Make

Also, here is a good article about origami tips - to prevent a bit of frustration!

Click Here For Origami Folding Tips