Origami Day Lily

The gorgeous origami Day Lily is one of the prettiest flowers!

Any type of paper works well for this design, though I think proper origami paper (which is slightly thinner than office paper) works the best!

You can use paper that is white on one side - this will make the bottom part of the Day Lily white, as you can see in this photo.

If you use double-sided paper then the whole flower will be coloured!

Here's a suggestion: make lots of different colours!

If you would like to download printable pdf of the Day Lily instructions, they are coming soon! I'll post them on this page...

1. Start with a square piece of paper, white side up. Fold the paper in half along diagonals, crease well and open.

2. Turn the paper over to the coloured side. Fold the paper in half both ways, crease well and open.

3. Using the creases you have made, Bring the top 3 corners of the model down to the bottom corner.  Flatten model.

4. Rotate model so open part is at the top. Fold right section (of top layer only) to the left along the crease shown.

5. Fold the other side over along the crease shown (top layer only once again)

6. Fold top triangle in half along vertical crease and open out again.

7. Open out the uppermost
triangle as shown.

8. Diagram is enlarged.

Fold the sides inwards to meet in the centre along the creases shown. Open out again.

9. Using the creases made in step 8, hold model at point shown and pull down along new crease shown.

10. Repeat steps 7 - 9 on the right hand side.

11. Turn over and repeat steps 4 - 10 on the back.

12. Fold top layer to the side.

13. Turn over and repeat
step 12.

14. Fold the outer edges of the top layer in to the centre line.

15. Turn over and repeat step 14 on the other side of the model.

16. Fold top layer downward along this crease. 

17. Repeat on all sides to open out flower. Finished Day Lily!

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