Origami Booth Helper

by Naomi Clawson, age 9

One hot summer day, my family went to the Salt Lake City Arts Festival with our cousins. We were so excited and ran straight to the kid's booths as soon as our mom would let us. We were browsing around when I saw an origami booth. I was so excited because Origami is one of my favorite things to do.

The girls that were hired to run it had no idea what origami was. They had printed out instructions from Origami-Fun.com and were trying to help the ten or so kids seated at the tables. Then I got a seat and not even glancing at the instructions, started folding a paper crane. They were pretty surprised! I went around and helped the kids and then I helped the girls by showing them how to make the crane and the duck. After spending about forty-five minutes at the booth we stood up to leave. They thanked me and then we left. I'll always remember that experience. It was fun to use my origami skills to help others!

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