Origami Baby Bunny

Have a look at this super cute origami baby bunny!! This origami model is also sooo easy to make! You could make a whole family of bunnies! You will need scissors for this one, there is one small cut you need to make... 

Any sort of paper is good for the baby bunny - because there aren't many folds, thicker paper still works well, and thinner paper will stay un-crumpled :-) 

In the photo above, I've used Unryushi paper as it is a lovely textural type of Japanese paper (you can buy it from online paper stores), but any old paper will do!

So have a try! If you would like to download printable pdf instructions, they are coming soon! I'll post them on this page...

1. Start with your paper white side up. Fold in half and open.

2. Fold outside edges in towards centre line.

3. Fold bottom corner upwards along crease shown.

4. Fold top layer down along crease shown.

5. Cut along dotted line

6. Fold in half, then rotate so small
triangle is at the top.

7. Fold top layer along
this crease

8. Turn over and fold top layer
along crease shown, lining up
with fold beneath.

Finished baby bunny.

There is another type of origami baby bunny you can make:

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