Origami Angelfish

1. Start with the white side
facing upwards. Fold the paper
along the creases shown, then
open out again.

2. Now make these diagonal creases and then open out again.

3. Fold the top edge in towards
the central crease and open out again. Do the same with
the bottom edge.

4. Turn over. Fold top corner
into centre.

5. Turn over again. Fold top edge and side edge in toward the central crease lines.

6. Diagram is enlarged. 

This is a two-part crease:  Holding the top layer at the point shown, crease diagonally. As you do this, fold the paper from the left edge inwards along the crease shown.

7. Make these diagonal creases on the top layer only, and open out along them as shown, and bring the bottom edge along crease shown.

8. Fold top layers along creases shown.

9. Fold top layer along crease
shown, and turn over.

Finished angelfish!