Old Hobbies Turn Into NEW Hobbies

by Pepa
(Edinburgh, UK)

Something you should know is that I am only 11. But I love origami and I love creating different things out of paper, that's just magical. I also live in Edinburgh, in the UK. I also have a mac.

I liked Origami when I was very young, it was probably a natural thing. But I gave up. Now, lets say, 7 years later, I came across an old origami pack. I opened it up, and since I had nothing else to do, I folded and made this jungle full of elephants, leopards, zebras.etc. I got really into it, and at the end, I was hungry for more. So I jumped on the computer and searched 'origami instructions' and came up with this website, origami-fun.com.

I looked up and down this website and found many cool things to make, but the thing is, I didn't have any paper. I tried to make do with A4 squares, but I needed smaller, stronger and thinner. So the next day I took my mum to this old fashioned art shop (I love art too) and bought a pack of plain origami paper, and a beautiful pack of Japanese type origami paper.

And so now I'm often on this website. My dad (he lives on the south coast of England - Brighton) encourages me to fold paper into amazing ways, and one day he suggested for me to make an unicorn or Pegasus. So hopefully I can find some really nice paper to make them with!

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