My Story Of An Origami Pinwheel

by Maya Spence
(Ny )

First, i was kinda just a "nobody" in my class- didn't have a phone or IPod or really anything. Most people thought i was weird.

One day, we had a sub for my art class and everything changed. Soo how to put this- my friends were making this pinwheel origami that you put together with 8 pieces. they showed me how and i started making them and making them...

Since the sub didn't care about what we were doing, ssssome people thew them out the windows and on the street. They were so pretty flying down.

That was in October. Now In April/May, it was a fad. Until i fixed it.

I went on this website around Easter and printed some easter ppr. then i waited too long to use it. i was going to CT when i made my easter origami pinwheel during class. It was huge! so Many people asked me 2 make them 1 but I gave them the website instead....

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Aug 11, 2015
pin wheels NEW
by: regina

Wow I too love making these pin wheels in the Origami. You know it is very interesting to fly them outside the windows. And whenever I saw an origami pin wheel I will grab it you know why because I will get new ideas from that.Pest control equipment

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