Making an origami Elmer the Elephant and selling some of my origami to raise money for charity.

by Alex Fayers
(Debenham, Suffolk, United Kingdom)

It was a normal day... I went shopping in my local town to buy some origami paper to make more models and in the shop there was a big sheet of multi-coloured patchwork paper. I thought to myself when I saw the paper "awesome! I might just make an origami elmer the elephant."

So I brought a sheet of it and when I got home that evening I practised making a normal origami elephant with a sheet of grey paper and that turned out successful so I thought that I might try with the multi-coloured paper. So I did and made my first elmer the elephant!

The original grey one I gave to one of my friends at college.

The next day I took Elmer to college to show my mates and my tutors and they thought it was pretty cool. Later that week my tutor told our class that we have to come up with some ideas to raise money for a charity to do with animals. So I had a thought inside of my head for making some origami and selling them on a stall for various prices to raise money for that charity. Elmer the elephant also plays an important part in this as well as I am going to be selling 4 of them for money towards the charity. I think it is a great idea!

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