Learning origami

by Anastasia

Masu boxes

Masu boxes

I live in Greece and Origami is practically unheard of here! I started learning through the internet by downloading diagrams. Finally I found a book by Rick Beech which had pictures along with diagrams and started practicing. I had zero experience and no proper paper to practice with. So I used scrap paper instead.

My house was a mess of paper bits lying everywhere and my fingers were blue and black cause I used newspapers for paper as well as magazines and other paper. But this was the most rewarding origami experience I ever had. Out of pieces of scrap paper figures started to form.

I folded my first swan, crane, shampan and masuboxes out of old magazines. Now I am an advanced folder and order origami paper online, my models look MUCH better but the original joy of making an actual ORIGAMI MODEL still remains. Sometimes I fold some simple models out of scrap paper for my kids just to have a sense of this beginner's joy.


Attached some pics of my original models made out of magazine sheets

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Aug 01, 2015
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Apr 10, 2013
love it
by: origamiloverboy99

I like your origami and I think you have good taste.You should keep doing origami and maybe make one yourself please send feedback

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