How to Origami

Origami-Fun is a "How To" Origami Guide

Origami-Fun is one big how to origami directory! Here you'll find everything you'll need to make beautiful origami easily - with step by step instructions, clear diagrams, printable pdfs, videos, free gifts and much more!

There are dozens of high quality origami diagrams, many with videos: you can find the complete list by clicking the link below:

Click Here For The Full List Of Origami Instructions

Some people find videos much easier to follow than diagrams, so if you would like to learn origami by watching videos instead, click below to see the designs that have videos: (It's a good idea to print out the pdf for that design to use as a memory-jogger later - you'll find the pdf on each individual instructions page)

How To Origami Videos

Also, use the nav bar to the left to browse around the site, as there's heaps of info here... and have fun!