How To Make Origami Star

If you would like to know how to make origami star, you can choose from one of the 3 great stars below:

origami lucky star

Lucky Star

The lucky star is a small star that is made from a strip of paper, usually less than a centimeter wide. It's really cute - and you get addicted to making them!

origami 4 point star

4-Pointed Star

The 4 pointed star is a lovely one, a little harder - but give it a go - it looks fantastic!

origami modular star

Modular Star

This star is made from separate sections, or modules, that are slotted together. You can choose how many points the star has by how many modules you make it with!

There are many more easy to follow origami instructions on the site - just click below to see the full list of diagrams. Many have videos as well, and they all have printable pdfs that you can download:

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Learn How to Make Origami Star