Learn How To Make
Origami Flower

If you want to learn how to make origami flower, you have a lots to choose from! The most popular flower on origami-fun.com is the rose, but that one's quite a challenging model! If you're a beginner and want to make a flower that is a little easier, then I recommend trying the blossom, below:

origami blossom

Origami Blossom Instructions

The blossom is so simple but really pretty, expecially when you make a few to bunch together just like cherry blossoms. There is a video to help you on that page too.

BUT... if you have a bit more origami experience, do check out the rose - because even though it is a little harder, it is simply stunning! And there is also a video that you can watch if you're getting stuck:

Origami Rose Instructions

origami rose

There are more beautiful flowers on origami-fun.com, inluding the beautiful lotus, the lily, the tulip, and the 8-petal flower, as well as a flower stem that will support a flower with a hole in its base. Click below for instructions to make all these models:

origami flowers

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